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The Return of the Lazy Backlogging Bum October 22, 2010

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So. Here we are. I am officially a lazy bum. What happened these last months, you ask? A couple of things. For one, I got distracted by a couple of non-backlog-related projects. And then when I did start playing again, I ended up spending all my time playing and not typing up blog posts. Bad, evil, naughty me.

But I’m back! For what it’s worth.

Let’s see…progress….

Dragon Age Origins is done. I started up a Nightmare game with a female human noble rogue, but am still in Ostagar on that. Haven’t touched the game in a while. I did play through the Return to Ostagar DLC on my mage, but I haven’t picked up the Awakenings DLC yet. I should probably do that at some point before DAO2 comes out.

I still have a few trophies to nab on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, but that game is just about all done. I think I’m just down to a couple of challenge missions and finishing up the boost collection.

I think I’ve touched Demon’s Souls once since my last blog entry on it. It’s at the point where I pretty much need to start over, I think. Or at least replay some parts with my current character to get back into the swing of things. I did watch a speed run of it, though, and was rather amused.

Star Ocean: First Departure has likewise been on the back burner. Mostly because I got bored being so bloody powerful. I’ll probably restart it and refrain from being awesome at Art next time around.

I haven’t touched Metal Gear Solid or Valkyria Chronicles in forever, and I don’t even remember where I am in them anymore.

Okay, enough about how much I suck. I did manage to actually beat some games and finish some anime these last months, even though I didn’t mention it on here. The list of games I’ve taken care of in 2010 is currently thus (as best as I can recall):

Dragon Quest I
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Ar Tonelico : Melody of Elemia
Final Fantasy X International

Assassins Creed II (+ first DLC)

Final Fantasy XIII
God of War (God of War Collection)
God of War II (God of War Collection)
God of War III
Heavy Rain
Resistance: Fall of Man
Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

Dragon Age: Origins (+DLC)

Mass Effect (+DLC)

Mass Effect 2 (+some DLC, but not Shadow Broker)
Plants vs. Zombies

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War

God of War: Chains of Olympus

I think that’s fairly accurate. I’m still going through Tsukihime to finish off all the character routes, and I started up Atelier Annie. Oh, and Final Fantasy XI and XIV. Not that I’ve done much with either in recent weeks. And I started up Xenosaga again in an attempt to get through all three games.

As far as anime goes, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and Gundam OO were my most memorable watches, and I very much enjoyed both. Black Lagoon was so-so. I’m slowly working through Golion, at like an episode per month. That is quite a slow series.

And I think that puts us back on track. The next update will likely be on Tsukihime later this afternoon. Like, as soon as I type it up. Which I’ll start doing after I post this. I also have a backlog-related project in the wings that I might start on next week. If that happens, I’ll be posting more details then.

For those (few) interested, my current video game backlog looks like this:


Sadly, it’s actually a tad bigger than that, though the sense of scale is about the same. I haven’t updated it as quickly as I’ve been pulling games from Steam sales >_>

Until next time (which I hope will be matter of minutes or hours, rather than months)!


Demon’s Souls Part II – Here There Be Dragons October 9, 2009

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I had intended to get this written up and posted yesterday, but circumstances didn’t play nice.

I beat 1-1 Wednesday night. Phalanx was an awesome boss fight. Not because it was hard or complicated, but because of the mechanics behind it. The creation of little minions that also act as shields, in addition to be stand-alone enemies was sweet.

I also discovered an interesting workaround to the second death thing. If you die, and then die again getting back to your bloodstain, you can turn off the system before you get loaded back to the beginning of the level, and you cancel out the death. So you can load the game back up to get back to your stain. I admit, I used this a couple of times when I didn’t want to lose 5000 souls (which, to me, was a lot at that point in the game).

I stumbled upon a soldier in need, and actually managed to not kill him. Go me! I helped him clear a couple of rooms, and ended up getting some spiffy loot out of it. Luckily the couple times I hit him didn’t bother him too much. I’m starting to miss my rapier already. I also discovered that I can hop walls by using the X button. I saw a corpse with an item on it, but no path to actually get to it. So I eventually just tried hopping a wall above it, and sure enough, it let me hop over. Cool. Got a new ring for my troubles.

The depth of background really wowed me. Seeing the dragons on the cliff over that-a-way while traversing other parts of the area was a sight to behold. And they were animated! I found a message right before the bridge with tons of enemies on it that said to try it later, so I instead took the path that ended me up outside with the dragons. Yay. Damn, but they look good the closer I get to them. I took one look at the pile of smoldering bodies on top of the cliff, and decided to explore the lower path. That did appear to piss off the dragons a bit, but I kept close to the wall and their breath didn’t touch me. Got some nifty loot out of it, too.

Realizing that, while it had some cool scenery, this obviously wasn’t the way to go to progress things, I went back and confronted the bridge with tons of enemies. I had just drawn the first couple of demons towards me when I heard what sounded like a dragon circling. I didn’t think much of it—I assumed it was part of the scenery or something. Then the wing beats got closer, the dragon roared, and I heard the sound of flame blasting out of its gullet. I figured I ought to get the hell out of there, but alas, I didn’t make it in time. Luckily, neither did most of the enemies on that bridge. *cue evil laughter*

Now knowing what to expect, I retrieved my souls (I love shortcuts), patiently waited for the dragon to finish its series of breaths, and sprinted across the bridge (poorly) dodging the few remaining enemies. I had a close call at one point where I got pinned between two demons and the wall, but I managed to barrel dodge roll out of that one. Once I got to the other side I polished off the remaining demons, tempted fate by retrieving some pickups from dead bodies on the bridge, and pulled the lever to open Phalanx’ room.

The rest of the level saw me blasting my way through globs of black…pus…with my soul arrow and arriving back at the beginning of the level before the gaping maw of the Phalanx room. Cool. Then I whooped his gooey core and ported back to the Nexus. That felt epic. I love this game.

I ran around talking to the folks the plot dictated I talk to, and unlocked the ability to level up. Yay! Between the souls I had gathered, and the “usable” souls picked up from random soldiers along the way, I ended up around Soul Level 15. I suppose I ought to start thinking about using souls for weapon upgrades, but I wanted to get my stats in order first. I’m starting to really put a bunch into strength so I can use the purple flame shield I got from the cliff. That seems like a really nifty shield.

After I leveled, and stored my crap, and repaired, I decided to venture into 1-2. This level has so far been uneventful. I blasted some goos with magic, rescued the same dude I rescued in the last level, and almost got toasted by a dragon. So all in a day’s work. I do find it amusing that the dragon will strafe the bridge, but not any of the towers along it (so far, at least). Also, I hate dogs. Not in real life, but in the context of this game. They’re quick, they’re hard to hit, and they hurt. I had to slay a good half dozen of them so far.

I stopped partway through 1-2, in a tower on the wall/bridge/whatever and haven’t progressed any farther yet. This game is still awesome. It took me 3-4 hours to really beat the first level, though that does count time spent screwing around with the system (mmm….dual-wield….), and the time in the tutorial.

Demon’s Souls – Part I: We’re All Gonna Die. Over and Over Again. October 7, 2009

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I found out about Demon’s Souls a month or so ago, and after some research decided that it needed to be on my pre-order list. I had some pretty high expectations for the game from the reviews that I’d read, and I was eagerly awaiting release day. It arrived yesterday from Amazon and I have to say, I’m damn impressed. This game is awesome.

And by awesome, I mean awesomely hard. You will die. A lot. The game knows this, and even plans for it by working in death as an actual mechanic and not just a punishment for screwing up. When you die, you respawn at the beginning of the level you died in. If you manage to make it back to the spot you died at without dying again, you get back everything you lost when you died—orbs, max health levels, etc. If you die again, well, you’re screwed because the previous blood spot you made will be gone, replaced with one where you most recently died. So don’t die twice in a row.

The premise of the game is simple: there’s a kingdom in peril, there’s fog, and there’s monsters. Kill the monsters, drive back the fog, save the world. It’s all very basic, but that’s fine. Demon’s Souls harkens back to the days of yore when gameplay was king and stories were there as a backdrop to justify the actions taking place. And the gameplay is goo. And hard. Demon’s Souls is one of the only games I know of where it’s easy to die in the tutorial level. I mean besides the part at the end where the story says you die.

I booted up the game and planned to make dinner while the install was happening. Right. Bad idea. There’s no install. You get to watch a pretty awesome video, then you get the title screen. Then you go. The first thing the game had me do was create my character. I got to chose gender (two options) and class (lots of options). I picked Royalty because I heard that they get to stab and frag. Swords and magic sounded like a good combo to me.

In addition to class and gender, I got to customize lots of physical characteristics. There’s a basic mode where I could just choose between some preset faces, hair styles, and such, but there’s also a more advanced mode where I can select anything from the profile of the chin to the curvature of the cheekbones. The changes are subtle, but they still provide ample customization.

After I made my character, a blond-haired blue-eyed rapier-wielding magic-slinging dude named Vahn, I was taken to the tutorial level. My first thought was “damn, the game looks great.” My second thought was wow, that animation is fluid.” My third thought was “okay, I really ought to get on with it now.” So I got on with it. I came across some glowing red script on the ground, which turned out to be a message. In the tutorial, these are system messages teaching me the controls. In the game proper, these can be left by other players. More on that later.

The tutorial level walked me through various combat and item usage commands, and almost killed me several times. Which would have been embarrassing, but this is Demon’s Souls. Death is expected. I also saw some phantoms of other players running around, which was at once both cool and freaky. Combat is very solid, by the way. Guarding is done with the left trigger, and attacking with the right. L2 is a shield deflection which, if timed correctly can be followed up with a normal attack for an instant kill. R2 is a heavy attack. There’s also an option to grip a weapon in two hands, but I didn’t notice much use for this with my rapier. I assume that bigger weapons will get much more mileage out of this feature.

After the tutorial level, and my rather inglorious death, I was taken to a nexus area. There were some NPCs to talk to, including a blacksmith that had some other weapons and armor for sale. He also offered to upgrade my existing stuff, but I didn’t have nearly enough souls by this point to do anything with them. I also found a bank character, though I didn’t have any excess crap to toss in at the time. It’s good to know one exists, though, as the game does have an encumbrance system.

I explored the place some more, watched some amusing deaths, read some messages, and found the warps to the game’s levels, which I appear to be able to approach in any order. I remembered seeing some footage of a level with some castle ramparts, so I went ahead and picked the level at the bottom of the steps next to some guy.

So I launched into Boletaria and watched a big-ass dragon swoop down and eat some random soldier. That’s when I knew this game was going to be epic. After the first couple of enemies nearly had their way with me, I remembered that I had a lock on function. That made things significantly easier. I have to say, I love the rapier. It’s quick, has a decent range, and doesn’t have much recovery time.

There weren’t very many notable moments (or maybe there were, depending on your point of view). I died a lot. Some of the messages left by other players were pretty useful. Others, not so much. I ran into a few that told me to look out behind me, but most of those were either in a bad spot for me to actually figure out where “behind me” was, or they were placed just a touch too late. But I’m glad they tried. There were some that warned of traps and ambushes, for which I am grateful (and marked those messages up to show my gratitude). The Indiana Jones moment with the huge stone ball rolling down the stairs was pretty cool.

One issue I have with the messaging system is that it consists merely of canned messages, some of which allow you to insert words or phrases. Unfortunately, they’re not very customizable, so the boulder message was just “trap ahead” and not something along the lines of “giant boulder rolling down the stairs ahead.” But I suppose that added to the mystique, and if the things got too verbose they’d be more akin to having the game played for me. It’s more fun when I know something is coming, but have to figure out exactly what. On the other hand, I tried to leave a message about standing on one side of a wooden machine and blasting a boss-like enemy from there, and I had to adlib it. I don’t even remember what my message said exactly, but it was a tad arcane for the situation.

Another thing I learned from Demon’s Souls: glowing eyes are BAD THINGS. They appear to denote stronger than normal enemies. If you’re thinking that if they’re stronger than normal, they’d have to be able to kill me in one go, you’d be right. Here’s an example. I came up a flight of stairs and onto a rampart. I killed the normal enemies fairly handily with my magic (I love my magic). Then I saw this thing with blue glowing eyes standing in front of a fog portal. I approach it, and it takes off half my health. I dodge out of the way, blast it with magic a few times, and done. This is the thing I tried to place the message on. It’s much easier to take out from a distance.

At this point the rampart is clear, and I discover that I have a couple of options for where I can go. There are towers at either end of the rampart, and there’s the fog portal. I picked one tower and went that way. I went through the room, read a message that said, quite succinctly, “goodbye,” and came out on another rampart with an enemy that looked like the overly strong creature I killed by the fog portal, but this one had red eyes. Well, I beat Blue Eyes, so Red Eyes shouldn’t be too bad, right? Yeah, about that. It turns out that this one has a spear, and a multi-thrust combo that can easily one-shot me. Needless to say, I became a puddle of blood on the ground.

I respawned at the beginning of the level and made it back to that rampart. I expected my bloodspot to be right outside the door, where I actually died. Instead, it’s right where I aggroed the monster. Greeaaaat. So I grab the blood spot and aggro the demon. And proceed to run like hell. I clear the room and start running along the rampart I came up, and I hear the thing still behind me. Which freaks me out a bit because so far nothing has chased me all that far. I make a beeline for the fog portal because I figure that the thing can’t follow me inside. Yeah, about that. It definitely followed me inside. I ran down some steps, and it started coming down after me. So I started blasting it with magic. It made it to the bottom of the steps, and I had it one hit away from death. So I stand there and start casting, and the bloody demon lunges at me from much farther away than I had any idea it could. Yep, death for me. But at least I know I can technically kill the thing, and I have a decent idea as to how such a feat can be accomplished.

I respawned as normal, and got killed by the second group of enemies in the level. It turns out that, while my Vahn is more than capable of utilizing a downward thrust to destroy barrels, crates, and other inanimate objects, he spontaneously forgets that skill when trying to attack an enemy a couple of steps below him on a staircase. Lovely.  In an effort to save my bloodstain with 2000-odd souls, I killed the game before it could reload. We’ll see what I end up with when I fire it up next, which will likely be tonight.

So far, Demon’s Souls forces the player to know what’s coming, while at the same time giving the enemies enough of an AI that they don’t always act the exact same way every time. So even if you already know an area, you still have to be on your toes. It’s a pretty solid approach to game design, and works well here. It also serves to make restarting a level a bunch of times not so much of a chore.