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Dragon Age: Origins – Part III: Keep on Rockin’ November 20, 2009

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

I didn’t do too much more in Dragon Age over the last couple of evenings. I ended up getting sidetracked by some miniature painting videos. I did, however, knock out both DLC areas.

I started with Warden’s Keep, since that one so conveniently began in camp. After making my way through the mountains to Soldier’s Peak, I was greeted with lots and lots of demonic stuffs. Which I promptly made all fall down. The dungeon itself was fairly short and linear. I killed the several waves of stuff outside, then proceeded inside to mop up. There were a couple of NPCs to chat with inside the keep. The first, Sophia, wanted nothing more to go out into the world and in exchange would close the rift that kept pumping evil nasty things into the keep. The only problem with this plan was that Sophia herself was inhabited by one of the aforementioned demonic presences. So I splatted her. It turns out she had some nifty armor, which Alistair is now wearing.

Moving on, I found a jar of some blood-like substance on a table in a random room, and was offered the chance to drink it. Since it wasn’t technically being offered by strangers (there were none around), I did and was awarded two new abilities, both involving cutting myself. Now it’s like I’m a ghetto blood mage! Though, the ability to cut myself and get mana back alone is worthwhile, with the other ability allowing me to cut myself and hurt that enemy over there. So fairly nifty all around.

I ran across Avernus a few rooms on. It turns out he was the other person responsible for unleashing the bad juju into the keep. We had a pleasant conversation, sealed the portals, and I let him live. I also told him to keep pursuing his research, which rather peeved Wynne. Not that I noticed any appreciable drop in affection from her for that. He said he’d send for me when he made more discoveries, but I have no idea if that will actually happen or not.

Completing Soldier’s Peak unlocked a couple of fairly pointless shops, and the very much not pointless storage box. I really wish that the box would appear in camp, but I suppose I can keep coming back to the Peak periodically if I really have to.

Next up was the Stone Prisoner DLC. This was also rather short. I arrived in the village and had to kill a bunch of darkspawn. I found Shale doing his best imitation of a scarecrow, tried to wake him up, and failed miserably. You just can’t trust merchants these days, can you?

I found the one house that had a glowing door when I held the Tab key and went inside. There were, of course, more things to kill inside. What would a quest be without a constant stream of enemies, anyway? I fought my way to the basement (cellar?) where there were actually survivors. I chatted with the man whose house it was, and it turned out his daughter ran off. Of course she did. So I had to follow in her wake. I got to the end where she was entranced by a demonic cat. It reminded me of my college days, actually. Anyway, I wasn’t taking any of the demon’s crap, so it infested the girl and forced me to kill it. Well, damn. There was nothing to be done about it but go back to the guy in the cellar and tell him his daughter was dead. He gave me the correct phrase to awaken the golem in the center of town, which I did.

Shale was an interesting creature. Apparently the control rod didn’t work anymore. Amusing. But he agreed to come with me in any case. He’s currently sitting in camp unused. Which is probably a shame, but I’ve come this far with my groupies, so I may as well finish it off.

After finishing the DLC I decided to head to Orzammar. I didn’t get terribly far in, but I did get a girl permission to study with the Circle of Mages, caught a few Nugs, and told a guy that he couldn’t start a Chantry in Orzammar. I picked up a couple more quests, but haven’t started on them yet. When next I play I’ll probably see if I can gain entry to the two contenders’ houses in the Diamond district, then see what there is to be seen in Dust Town.

And in closing, an interesting note about Arcane Warriors. If there’s a piece of armor that gives bonus stamina and stamina generation, when an Arcane Warrior wears it replace the word “stamina” with “mana.” Cool, huh? When you find armor that gives +25 or +50 stamina…watch out! On a random note, my mage is wearing Superior Dragonbone Plate, Alistair is wearing the armor Sophia dropped, and the Juggernaut set is sitting in the storage chest at Soldier’s Peak.



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