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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 – Part VIII: The Juggernaut, Bitch! November 13, 2009

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So DLC has been released for MUA2, and I just had to have it. Mostly because Psylocke is awesome. Of course, you don’t see her name in the post title, do you? Didn’t think so. That’s because in addition to the big DLC pack, Juggernaut is now a DLC character for everyone. Hallelujah!

My party currently consists of Thor (because he’s a complete and utter badass), Magneto (because I used Phoenix last playthrough), Psylocke (see above; also, she has a nice targeted fusion with…), and Juggernaut. Because he’s awesome. And big. And awesome. Also, his Triangle power is awesome at building fusion meter on bosses.

I spent most of my MUA2 playtime since the DLC dropped doing silly things like the last set of trivia I needed to complete, getting the fusion trophy (all fusions with all non-DLC characters), and unlocking the extra costumes for the non-DLC crowd. After that I figured I’d traipse through the levels some more, and got all the way to the secret S.H.I.E.L.D. base. Woo! Some boss battles were a little interesting since this *is* Legendary and I was going for the no-revival trophy. I did do part of one map Thor-less, but that was the only time I ran for an extended amount of time with a character down. If either Juggy or Psylocke (Juggly?) went down, I just reloaded a previous save. The Colossus/Dazzler fight was a bit hairy, until I just decided to take Colossus down first. Then it was cake. Captain America, in all of his various forms, were not too bad, though I have been noticing a distinct lack of healing tokens in boss fights this time around, where that never bothered me on the last playthrough.

I’ve been making sure to keep up on pickups in the levels, and have made a conscious effort to get them all before moving onto the next mission. So far, so good. I’ve also maxed all my Attitude bonuses, and taken another stab at some simulator challenges, with varying degrees of success. Thor is rocking the power pips, and I really need to stop feeding him the ones in the field. Psylocke is hungry, ya know? Thor is just about maxed out on his powers, and will be before he hits 60. I’d been neglecting his lightning bolt power, but I’m seeing it becoming much, much more useful as the game progresses. Heck in the Venom/Goblin fight in the chemical plant, lightning took Venom and Gobbie down quickly whenever I wasn’t tossing bombs down the reactor core. That seems to be the way Thor goes as a whole. He starts out pretty meh, but then gets exponentially more awesome the more levels he gets.

Overall, there hasn’t been anything terribly surprising this time around, other than the awesomeness of Thor and Juggy. Magneto seems to be holding his own quite well, and I haven’t noticed him sucking, so good for him. I haven’t played much (or at all….) with the Carnage or Black Panther, so I can’t speak to their effectiveness. Maybe later sometime. I do need to get their alternate outfits at least.



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