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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 – Part VII: Once More, With Feeling September 30, 2009

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I started up my New Game+ last night. I once again was stuck with the same initial four as the first time, but that wasn’t terribly unexpected. Boy, are the enemies tougher now! Not “tougher” as in more difficult, but in that they do way more damage and have way more health. I got through the entirety of Latveria only quitting and restarting once (I wanted credit towards the no revival/map reload trophy), and that was on the last map. The bosses so far haven’t been too bad; it’s been the mobs of enemies that are the real killer. I used the Femme Fatales to clear the final Latveria map, and I can safely say I won’t be doing that again. Only clearing fusions, mediocre damage, and limited survivability are not a good combination on Legendary. The Tinkerer bot fight pretty much was reduced to standing back and zapping the legs, popping a clearing fusion every so often to clear out the little enemies and get a health token, and repeating ad infinitum.

Other than that, I played with the New Avengers on a rerun of the first level to pick up the dossier that I apparently kept managing to miss somehow. Luke Cage does not take much damage. At all. And he has a nice Targeted fusion with Spider-Man. Cool. I haven’t messed around with the other “teams” yet, but I have reached the conclusion that any team with Thor, a targeted fusion, and a clearing fusion is made of awesome and win. And really, the two fusions are optional. I know I said before that I didn’t really get what was so awesome about the guy, but man, does he ever shine on Legendary. His X power torpedoes him through mobs of enemies, pretty much flattening anything in his way. His hammer smash is solid damage with a small aoe. And his circle power is pretty sweet, as well. I haven’t had much use for his triangle power, though.

So, my team. Thor is definitely in. The AI tends to use both Storm and Invisible Woman effectively, though Storm moreso. So Storm is in, too. Her ridiculous damage immunities also help. I’m thinking of taking Hulk for a big, nigh invulnerable bruiser, and I never really gave him much play my first time through. Plus he needs to take down a couple of bosses later in the game anyway. I’m still leaning towards Songbird as my fourth, partly because she has some great potential, and partly because I already used Jean a ton my first time through. Of course, things may change when I see what I have for fusion types with this roster. The AI also seemed to do pretty well with Nick Fury.

I’ve gotten all the pickups from Latveria now, and it’s pretty cool how the bosses drop new boosts on Legendary. I haven’t gone back through any of the simulator challenge missions yet, and I’ll probably wait on that until I’ve gotten farther through the game and leveled up more, anyway. I’ve been racking up the Diplomatic responses, and I’ll probably get those boosts unlocked around Act II. Then it’s just on to Defensive. Which I *might* be able to do this time through as well. Maybe. It will probably be pretty tight. I’ll have to make sure I get the special conversations, too. Oh, and I need to knock out the Act I trivia game yet, too. I’ll probably use a second controller and cheat the fusion bonuses on it this time.

I finally got around to ordering a wireless earpiece/microphone from Amazon, and it arrived yesterday. I charged it up, so I’ll have to see about taking MUA2 (and other games…like Gundam 0081…) online at some point. I’m actually strangely excited at being able to play PS3 games online now (my internet connection is *much* more reliable at my new place than it was at my old one) and being able to communicate with the people I’m playing with. Should make for some fun times.



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