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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 – Part VI: The Highest Platform of the Tallest Spire September 25, 2009

Posted by emeraldsuzaku in Blog-along, Video Games.

Well, I beat MUA2 on Heroic. I was moderately surprised that the last Act was one big stream of maps; there was no brief intermission back at the HQ. I was around level 31, and finished with a team of Storm, Jean, Gambit, and Wolverine. The FBS was doing ~1800-ish to bosses. Sweet. The final boss has a few tricks, though the game tells you, rather insistently, how to get around them, so that’s not a big deal. He does toss out a lot of difficult to avoid damage, though. There were plenty of healing tokens around, though, and Phoenix had a couple of timely resurrections on the way to him, though. I wonder if a Phoenix revival via her ability constitutes a revival for the purposes of the trophy. Hmm. Not that it really matters since I’ll likely not be using her this playthrough.

I did run through a couple of previous maps to try and get the “Lead team xxx for a whole map” heroic deeds, but it didn’t work for either Luke Cage or Captain America. Which is weird because I DID get it last night for Reed and the Fantastic Four. No idea what’s going on there. I’ll just pick it up on Legendary, I guess.

The ending was short and sweet. I was expecting something a bit more, but I honestly couldn’t tell you what. The conversation during the credits was hilarious.

I saved my game and went to the next mission console to start a new game + on Legendary. I was hoping I would be able to swap characters around from the get-go this time, but I’m still locked into a preset team initially like a normal new game. I did notice, however, that the Anti-Reg abilities are still unlocked. I’ll have to see if they stay that way after I choose a side, but I suspect they will. Which means that on this palythrough everyone will have access to all their abilities, and not just their faction-specific and universal ones.

So far the big difference is that things have a lot more health, and hit harder. So pretty much just as expected. I saved right at the beginning of the map so I can cheat the system if I end up in a revival position. I can just quit and reload my save without it counting as a reload of the map. Yay. Since there’s very little leeway if one wants the 25 maps with no revival or reload trophy, and the rumor is circulating that I won’t be able to retry a level via the simulator if I need to and have it count for the trophy, I figure this is a decent way to go about it. Though I suspect that I’ll be replaying levels as much as I need to get all the pickups before moving on to the next one. That should also help boost my levels, as I anticipate the bosses being a pain.

I’m not sure who I’m going to focus on as my main team this time around. I’m leaning towards Nick Fury, Thor, and Songbird, but I don’t have a definite plan for the final spot. There will likely be some switching so I can get some stats stuff out of the way, but I want to have a solid core again.

Anyway, that’s enough MUA for now. Time to watch some football and catch up on the month or so of comics I’ve been behind since I moved.



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