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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 – Part IV: Resistance is Futile September 24, 2009

Posted by emeraldsuzaku in Blog-along, Video Games.

Warning: Here there be SPOILERS. Highlight the blank sections to see them if you so choose.

I hit Act 4 last night. Act 3 seemed pretty short, at least compared to Acts 1 and 2. I suppose the game wanted to get past the part where you don’t have access to everyone fairly quickly. Even so, the Civil War arc was very well done, and segued nicely into Act 4. Maybe my memory’s a bit foggy, but MUA2 seems to have a much tighter, better-flowing story than the first game.

The run through Prison 42 was fun. Lots of mayhem and bad guys to destroy. Also, there was a fair amount of environment-induced damage, like electrified floor panels. And wall panels. These annoying things don’t just hurt you when you run over them. They stun you and zap you for a few seconds before you can move again. Getting knocked into the middle of one or more of these sucks hard. It’s a good thing the bad guys are usually also affected by them.

Speaking of bad guys, there were actually a fair number of not robots! And just when I was thinking I could finally tag Iceman back in for a map, robots showed up! Well played, game, well played. Instead I looked at the stats pages for my individual characters, and decided to bring in Storm and Wolverine to run with Gambit and Jean. This got me the X-Men team bonus and let me work on knocking out some Heroic Deeds. I was thinking that when the game mentions performing 10 Fastball Specials with Wolverine, I’d need to team him up with Hulk or something. Not so—Jean works just fine as a partner.  So I was able to knock out Jean’s 5 Fusions with Wolverine deed as well as Wolvie’s 10 Fastball Specials deed. I had to be controlling the character I wanted it to count for, though. As a side note, I’m consistently hitting 1400+ damage with a Wolvie/Jean Fusion right now on bosses. It’s pretty awesome.

I also finally unlocked Thor, who was the last of the token collection characters I needed. I know everyone is raving about him being ridiculously overpowered online, but I haven’t figured him out yet. I’ll have to spend more time with him, I guess. I’m going to be revisiting lots of levels for pick-ups, so I’ll probably toy around with him and all the other characters I haven’t really been using when I start hitting the simulator. My side goal there is to work on the Heroic Deeds for all the Anti-Reg heroes, too.

The game is starting to throw more multi-character boss battles at me. The last solo boss I had to fight was somewhere along the halfway point in 42. Pretty much every boss battle since has included at least two bosses and a horde of enemies. The Fastball Special makes taking down the bosses easy enough, when one doesn’t go invulnerable and switch the other one in for a time, at least.

The last boss fight before unlocking Black Panther’s palace as an HQ took me a bit to figure out how to actually beat it. Venom kept randomly popping in from above, and I was generally fighting around the perimeter of the room, so I didn’t see him hanging onto a pillar. Once I finally noticed that, I was able to knock him down and proceed to stomp his symbiotic arse. He did go back to the pillars a couple more times, but once I knew what to do the battle as a whole was fairly simple.

I’ll probably hit up the trivia game and finish up the available past levels in the simulator before continuing the story. I want to try out some other characters, and finish out the rest of the pick-ups. I assume that I’ll be back in the HQ at least once before finishing the game, but I don’t want to take too many chances. Of course, I’d also expect that the game will pop me back here after the final mission to mess around and start my New Game Plus. Hmm. Maybe I’ll just cruise through the rest of the game and worry about the rest later. I need to run a bunch of stuff on Legendary anyway to get the rest of the unlocks.



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