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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 – Part III: Holy Crap, a Lighted Environment! September 22, 2009

Posted by emeraldsuzaku in Blog-along, Video Games.

More MUA 2 goodness. I finished out Act 2 today. This post (and likely subsequent posts) contain spoilers up to the point of the game I am at. That was one hell of a ride. I love how the game takes the Civil War story and twist it around to serve the game’s own devices. it’s also worth noting that the environments I played through tonight actually had decent lighting! Woo!

My party was Jean Grey, Ms. Marvel, Gambit, and Captain America. After Cap got yanked for story reasons, I popped Deadpool in there. I don’t really do much with him other than let him run around slashing, shooting, and exploding things. It seems to make him happy. Gambit tosses cards everywhere and generally wreaks havoc. And gives me a chance at more orbs. Go Cajun.

Jean is developing into quite the force to be reckoned with. Cranking up her cone flame wave and TK pull attacks (square and X respectively) is proving to be pips well spent. TK is doing some decent single-target boss damage, and flame wave is rocking crowds of enemies. Stunning with her aoe Circle power and then unleashing a series of flame waves clears out just about anything–either by outright destroying it or knocking it off a ledge. Consequently, her Fusion with Gambit is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. It absolutely destroys any large mobs of enemies, destructible environments, and bosses. That it does multiple hits and has a decently long duration is awesome enough, but the bloody thing can be MOVED like a targettable Fusion! Oh, and it also sucks in normal enemies. Kinetic tornado FTW!

Gambit did gets some hands-on use during a rather tense battle with Yellowjacket. His quick tap card toss power was good at attacking the hands after dodging the initial strike. As the battle wound down I switched over to Jean and finished up with some flame waving and kinetic tornadoing. After that battle I’m pretty much locked into Jean–and the Jean/Gambit combo on bosses.

Other than that battle, the rest of Act 2 was basically me running around and beating the crap out of everything in site. The other bosses fell to either kinetic tornado spam or just me standing back with Jean and firing away with her TK beam or her flame wave. Even the last fight of the act wasn’t much of an issue.

Now I’m in the Act 3 HQ. I’ve picked up all the pickups in the place, and I’ll probably do the trivia questions for the act before starting on the missions. I’ve been doing pretty well with character unlock pickups throughout the game, but I’m still one Asgardian rune short of a thunder god. I suspect that one I get him, assuming everything I’ve heard about his abilities is true, he’ll have a permanent spot in my lineup. Songbird is unlocked, but unavauilable at the moment. I’m also looking forward to taking her for a spin. I’ll probably wait to go back through previous missions for unlocks until after my next time through the game (taking the other path). Unless I just can’t manage to get Thor unlocked through the course of normal play. In that case, I’ll go back for the runes.



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