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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 – Part II: O Captain! My Captain! September 20, 2009

Posted by emeraldsuzaku in Blog-along, Video Games.

So I progressed to the point where I could choose my side. The choice scene is handled really well. It could have just been a menu, but it’s not. It’s a bit more interactive than that. So after going Anti-Reg, several characters got locked out for story reasons, which makes sense, and several characters were made available. Awesome.

I played a bit more, and started switching up my team. I ran with Deadpool for a bit, but that was yet another clearing fusion with Ms. Marvel. He was amusing (hey, it’s Deadpool–of course he’s amusing!), but I eventually swapped him out for Iron Fist. Who was okay, I guess, but kept whining about being low on health. Pansy.

I unlocked Jean Grey a short while later, so Iron Fist quickly got the boot. Jean is…interesting. She has a really fun power set, and can do a ton of damage when used properly. She also has an awesome clearing fusion with Gambit. I quickly got the requisite 50 kills to unlock her alternate costume, and was a bit surprised. I was expecting Dark Phoenix, or maybe one of her more recent costumes, but her alternate is very reminiscent of the 60’s. Cool.

I started putting more points into Ms. Marvel’s defensive abilities, and her life expectancy is increasing exponentially. She’s really able to get in there and mix it up in addition to standing mostly at range and blasting in, which was how I was using her before. Her Triangle power (I’m playing the PS3 version) helped immensely, especially when powered up to the first added effect. Her fusion with Captain America is still an incredibly potent boss killer.

I did spend some time going back through previous missions for pickups because I wanted to make sure I was keeping up with the M’Kraan fragments so I could unlock Phoenix ASAP. It’s a great feature, and the simulator lists how many pickups of each type you’ve managed in each level, as well as how many you have left to get. It doesn’t spell out specifically which boosts, dossiers, character fragments, etc are in there, but it’s enough to know that there are still things to get.

So far, MUA2 is much more fast-paced and not nearly as tedious as the first game. I’m loving it so far! The story is solid, and appears to have threads of the original draft of the Civil War comic. It’s certainly changed around a bit from what actually got published, which is cool. The more streamlined character upgrade system is a good thing, and allows for a good amount of customization while not taking up an inordinate amount of time. And I still love the ability to freely redistribute points at any time.



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