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Metal Gear Solid – Part I: Snake? Snaaaaaake? September 10, 2009

Posted by emeraldsuzaku in Blog-along, Video Games.

So my Metal Gear Solid collection finally came, which means I had to plug in the first game to see just how much I still suck at it. As it turns out, I can in fact make it to the elevator now. Go me!Of course, the fact that I’m actually celebrating getting out of the first room is really pretty pathetic, but hey. I traditionally suck at MGS games. Mostly because last time I played one I had no idea just what the heck a stealth game was. The whole punch a guy in the head and then suck a fully-automatic hail of hot lead to the face thing was a little confusing.

But I have learned. Sort of. Still working on that whole strangling thing. At the moment I’ve cleared all the VR missions and unlocked the time trial mode, but haven’t done anything with it yet. I’ve also gone through the main game up through the explosive encounter with Revolver Ocelot. There sure are lots of weird things going on in this base. I did have one interesting moment when I went to grab some weapons from a room in B2 after the Ocelot fight and tripped a hidden alarm. Afterwards I got the warning about not grabbing what I don’t need right at the moment. Thanks, game. Love you, too. Luckily a little punching, a dash of kicking, and a liberal amount of hiding took care of that.

The story thus far is excellent, as is its presentation. Even early on I have the sense that the plot is so much bigger than what I’ve already been told. There’s something sinister going on here, and I’m going to badass my way to the bottom of it. I’m really getting a solid feel for these characters, and I haven’t been playing for all that long. The voice acting is superb, as is the back and forth banter between Snake and, well, anyone he’s talking to over the codec.

I really should get back to Valkyria Chronicles since that game’s not mine, but I might have to keep going with MGS. It’s awesome. My only gripe is how blasted dark it is in ventilation ducts. Hmm. Maybe I should just light a cigarette next time. That might work.



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